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About San Antonio Grass

San Antonio Grass has been providing same-day installation of the freshest, high quality grass sod throughout Greater San Antonio for years, and our reviews are here to prove it. From residential homes to hotels or large developments, we’re here for you.

I bought some grass this weekend and I hardly had to water it because it was so fresh everybody in my neighborhood is asking me where I got it

Picked up a pallet of grass very convenient very good quality

Awesome service, fast delivery, great place to buy grass. Vast choice of grass with reasonable prices and excellent quality. Would highly recommend THCG!

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The Freshest, High Quality Grass Sod in San Antonio

At San Antonio Grass, we provide same-day installation of the freshest, high quality grass sod at the absolute best prices. If the best grass sod is also priced so reasonably, why would you go anywhere else?

Same-Day Grass Sod Provider

Same-Day Grass Sod Provider

Grass sod is a living plant, and we know that it’s healthiest when it’s in the ground growing, that’s why we only roll up our high quality grass sod the same day that we deliver and plant it.

This process of same-day harvesting ensures that you’re receiving only the freshest, healthiest grass sod in San Antonio; period. It’s no secret that our grass sod is the best, just ask any landscaper in Greater San Antonio and they’ll tell you how much they love it. In fact, that’s why the best hotels, estate homes, and developers come to San Antonio Grass for a great looking lawn.

So, if you’re in the market for a new lawn, give us a call first for the absolute best, most affordable grass sod in San Antonio.

High Quality Grass Sod in San Antonio

High Quality Grass Sod in San Antonio

Grass can be fickle, especially in the unique climate of San Antonio, but we know what it takes to grow a beautiful, amazing looking lawn.

At San Antonio Grass, we provide high quality Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine grass sod, all cut fresh the same day. As you may know, St. Augustine grass is quite popular, and for good reason. It’s shade tolerant, grows fast, and is easy to mow, providing you with a great looking lawn that’s easy to care for.

Bermuda and Zoysia grass are also great choices with their own sets of benefits. Bermuda grass looks great, which is why you’ll typically find it on the fairway of a golf course. It can go dormant in drought weather, then quickly spring back to life when the rain returns, making it a great option for a beautiful, low maintenance lawn. Zoysia grass is similar to Bermuda, but it’s tighter grass makes it a bit better at resisting weeds. No matter which type of grass sod you choose, rest assured knowing you’ll have the healthiest, best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Healthy, Affordable Grass Sod

Healthy, Affordable Grass Sod

San Antonio Grass knows what it takes to have a lush, beautiful lawn here in San Antonio. Not only do we provide high quality sod suited for the local climate, but our prices are also extremely affordable.

We’ve seen plenty of low quality, and even dead grass for sale right here in San Antonio, and at a much higher price than we charge. This has us asking, “If the healthiest, best quality grass sod is also priced so reasonably, why would you go anywhere else?” Well, now you don’t have to.

Give us a call today to discuss the best options on delivered, or delivered & installed grass sod for a brand new looking lawn.

Serving San Antonio Metro Area

We Are Located In Selma, TX and Provide High Quality Grass Sod to all of South Texas.

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The Very Best Grass Sod in San Antonio

We offer the absolute best in high quality grass here in San Antonio. Our grass sod experts can help you decide which options are right for your home. So, let’s make your neighbors jealous. Give us a call today for our pricing on same-day delivered, or installed grass sod. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.